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Symphonies of the Brain

Supporting Publication: Mind as Music The field of cognitive neuroscience seeks to interpret and understand the intricate processes by which the human brain functions. Just as your Mac or PC runs on it’s respective operating system, it is believed that our brains function within the guidelines designated by a specific neural code. However, before we … Continue reading

Memory Erasure No Longer A Sci-Fi Fantasy?

Supporting Publication:  Induction of Fear Extinction with Hippocampal-Infralimbic BDNF We all have memories of embarrassing or even frightening events that never seem to fade away.  I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast last Saturday but I can remember where I was and even what exactly I was wearing when I witnessed the September 11, … Continue reading

Inside a Musician’s Brain

Supporting Publication:  Moral development, executive functioning, peak experiences and brain patterns in professional and amateur classical musicians: Interpreted in light of a Unified Theory of Performance I came across an article today that I thought would be interesting to any musicians out there that might be following the blog. Researchers in personality and social psychology … Continue reading

Atkins Diet for your Orexin Cells?

Supporting Publication:  Activation of Central Orexin/Hypocretin Neurons by Dietary Amino Acids The Atkins diet involves limiting your consumption of carbohydrates.  This forces the body to metabolize stored fat for energy instead of metabolizing the abundance of glucose that is made available from high carb diets.  I recently stumbled upon some research that indicates that the … Continue reading

Neuron Diagram

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