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Think You’re Smarter than a Professional Soccer Player?

Supporting Publication:  Executive Functions Predict the Success of Top-Soccer Players You can’t be a standout soccer player unless you’ve got three important skills on the pitch. The physical ability to move around with speed, coordination that allows precise maneuverability of the ball, and most importantly “game intelligence” all contribute to the talent that is seen … Continue reading

Memory Erasure No Longer A Sci-Fi Fantasy?

Supporting Publication:  Induction of Fear Extinction with Hippocampal-Infralimbic BDNF We all have memories of embarrassing or even frightening events that never seem to fade away.  I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast last Saturday but I can remember where I was and even what exactly I was wearing when I witnessed the September 11, … Continue reading

Inside a Musician’s Brain

Supporting Publication:  Moral development, executive functioning, peak experiences and brain patterns in professional and amateur classical musicians: Interpreted in light of a Unified Theory of Performance I came across an article today that I thought would be interesting to any musicians out there that might be following the blog. Researchers in personality and social psychology … Continue reading

Boosting Your Brain Power

Supporting Publication:  Association between objectively-measured physical activity and sleep, NHANES 2005–2006 The average American lives to be 74 and will spend almost 24 of those years sleeping.  Twenty four years is certainly a long time to spend sleeping, but how many of you take part in the daily ritual of a morning cup of coffee to … Continue reading

Neuron Diagram

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